Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first blog to all .....

Hii All,

I am Dr. Neeti Shrivastava ( B.H.M.S.) from Indore. I have my own homoeopathic clinic and have good exposure in pure homoeopathic treatment.

My main ambition to create this blog is to provide knowledge & benefits of homoeopathy to all those who wants to know about this pathy. Besides this some other targets are also in my mind, like -

  • To remove mis-conceptions of homoeopathy.
  • To provide maximum knowledge of homoeopathy & homoeopathic medicines to all .
  • To provide a platform for discussion on homoeopathy.
  • Invitation of feedbacks on my homoeopathic articles .
  • Invite other homoeopathic doctors to give their suggestions .
  • Provide homoeopathic knowledge to homoeopathic students .
  • To invite students for their quaries, discussions & other homoeopathic related doubts.
  • If somebody wants to know about homoeopathic treatment,they are most welcome.
  • Patients who are suffered from different simple to chronic diseases & interested in homoeopathic treatment, are most welcome .
  • To introduce about different homoeopathic activities.

I hope, you will like my this creation & provide your active co-operation, suggestions & feedback.

Best regards,
Dr.Neeti Shrivastava