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“Homoeopathic medicine in emergency???”

“No…no I don’t think so….it is not possible because in emergency we need medicine with quick effect. How is it possible with homoeopathic medicine?”

It is a very common fact among us that homoeopathic medicine is not beneficial for emergency cases because it starts work very slow and patient can be go under the mouth of death or can cross by big loss, but it is not a complete truth.
In case of emergency, if right medicine has been given at right time so we can save not only the life of patient but prevent him from big loss too.
Usually folk think that homoeopathic medicine is useful for children’s emergency like – Injury during playing, general bleeding etc but these medicines are beneficial for other emergencies also viz. Heart Attack, Coma, Shock, Choking etc.

My main objective to write this article is to introduce the value of homoeopathic medicine in emergency cases. I am providing such emergencies with their homoeopathic medicines –

• Types of Emergencies –

• Common Emergencies -
• General Injury
• Bleeding
• General / Sudden Pain
• Infection
• Sprain

• Serious Emergencies –

• Burn
• Fracture
• Sun Stroke
• Tetanus
• Shock
• Heart Attack
• Mal poison of Foetus / Delivery Problems

• Common Emergencies –

• General Injury - It is most common type of emergency but it can be normal and serious both types. Child injury during playing, cuts by knife or other tools, accident during driving etc are included in this category. Injury cause painful bleeding and sometimes pain is non tolerable. In these circumstances we use such homoeopathic medicines that can cause miraculous effect on pain and bleeding both like – Calendula, Arnica, Hypericum etc.

• Bleeding – Bleeding however is the result of internal or external injury but it is also of various type viz. Bleeding because of general injury, Nasal Bleeding (commonly found in tropical countries), Excess of menstrual bleeding during period in females and sometimes urinal bleeding also occur because of the presence of stone in kidney. Homoeopathy has remedied for bleeding also such as – Calendula, Millofolium , Hammamalis , Crot-Hor etc.

• General / Sudden Pain – Pain in body or body ache is not a disease but it is an alarm of other diseases. Pain can be differentiated in various types like – Sudden pain in any part of body without any reason, injury pain, disease pain, menstrual pain in females or pain because of certain other reason. Some specific homoeopathic medicine has strength to kill (not suppress) the pain permanently. Pain killer homoeopathic medicine cause permanent effect without any side effect but before taking medicine doctor’s consult is necessary. Such as – Rhus Tox, Mag. Phos, Arnica etc.

• Infection – Homoeopathic medicine has strong command to control any type of infection either seasonal or infection due to other reason like - Boils, pimples, itching, eczema, allergies etc. Available homoeopathic medicine is Gunpowder, Silicea etc.

Sprain Sprain during work, uplifting of heavy weight, wrong way of exercise etc are main causation of Sprain. Mostly flexible parts of body like wrist, foot, and waist are affected by Sprain. Folk think massage is the only and best way to overcome it but specific homoeopathic medicine can cause quick effect on Sprain and helpful to remove pain even swelling. They are – Ruta, Rhus Tox etc.

• Serious Emergencies – People have strong concept in their mind that there is no use of homoeopathic medicine in serious injury but this fact is not true. Such homoeopathic remedies are able to cure serious emergencies.

• Burn Burning is very painful injury caused by many reasons – Burning during kitchen work, Fire burning, Steam burning, Sunburn etc. We can use above mentioned homoeopathic medicines for burning – Cantharis, Urtica- Uren, Kali mur etc.

• Fracture – Fracture is a painful experience. We think how homoeopathic medicine can cure fracture? But such medicine has power to rejoin the crack bone.. Available medicines are – Sympht, Ruta, Cal. Phos etc.

• Sun Stroke - Some minute mistakes in summer season or our carelessness is responsible for ‘Sun Stroke’. Most of the time folk are helpless to understand that they are suffering from sunstroke. Its main reasons are – Outing in sunlight without precaution; use chilled water in hard sunlight, use cooler or AC etc. It causes misbalance between body temperature and outer environment as a result – High Fever, Vomiting, Headache like symptoms appear as sunstroke. 1 or 2 dose of specific medicine is sufficient to cure from sunstroke. They are – Nat-Mur, Glonine etc.

• Tetanus – Cut by iron made things, accident by vehicle etc are main reason of tetanus. Homoeopathy has both options to prevent tetanus.
1) Take medicine just after injury to prevent tetanus in future.
2) If tetanus is caused, homoeopathy can cure it.
Available solutions are – Hypericum, Led Pal and other.

• Shock – Shock is very serious type of emergency. It can cause long term and short term both kinds of effect on patient. Sudden stroke because of any happy or sad news like death of loved ones, seen any murder or accident etc might be one of the reason of shock. Its major symptoms are – Immovability of eyelids, speech loss, memory loss and sometimes teeth tightening.
Ars Alb, Carbo Veg, Nat. Mur and some other important medicine are very useful in those cases. We can prevent the patient’s life by giving dose of medicine in gap of each 5 minutes.

• Heart Attack – It is a common concept that there is no relationship between Heart attack like serious emergency and homoeopathic medicine. Folk think about hospital as last option but lot many times patient dies on the way because heart attack needs quick cure.
Homoeopathic medicines have not only power to prevent against heart attack but it can regulate the blood circulation and provide safety in future also. They can dissolve the clot in heart vessels and give strength to heart muscles. There is no need to take that medicines life long but their effects are permanent. They are – Glonine, Ammonium Carb etc.

• Mal poison of Foetus / Delivery Problems – In current time most of the ladies are suffered from this problem during pregnancy. During its development period sometimes foetus become reverse or oblique inside the uterus. This emergency can cause deadly effect. It is harmful for mother and foetus both. Similarly, in such cases labor pain suddenly disappears and quick operation becomes necessary.

Some homoeopathic medicines are able to cause quick effect on these critical situation but they should be provide under the consultation of expert homoeopath. They can give straightening to fetus, restart labor pains and provide prevention against operation. Such medicines are – Sepia, Pulsatila, Caulophyllum etc.

NOTE – Kindly do not use any medicine without consultation because all medicines have different potencies. Besides this patient’s other symptoms are also important.


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