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Constipation & homoeopathy



               Constipation & homoeopathy

You are already late to office and when you go to loo, its taking a lot of time, it’s painful and hard; u don’t pass the bowels completely because either it is taking lots of time or its painful. Due to this, you remain bloated, irritated and you are not able to concentrate on your work for the rest of the day. Constipation, a topic about which people usually hesitate to discuss, but is one of the day-to-day problems almost every 3rd person is facing. Reasons: bad food habits, lack of water intake and many more as explained below. So let’s talk about constipation today.

What is constipation: Improper digestion of the food we eat results in constipation. Our lifestyle today is very busy, we have no time for cooking so we have depended on junk food, we have no time for shopping so we do online shopping, we have no time for exercise, there’s nothing like online exercise! We sit in offices for 9-10 hours, eat junks in the breaks, intake lots of caffeine and sleep less.

Symptoms of constipation:

So how do you know you are facing constipation? Below are some symptoms. Check upon if you have any;
1.     Loss of appetite: Your stomach feels full, you don’t feel hungry but still you eat for the sake of eating. Isn’t it?

2.     Nausea or vomiting: Feel like vomit, but get nothing?

3.     Belching: Yes it happens; it’s just that no one wants to admit.

4.     Sour water in mouth: Do you get some sour acidic watery liquid in your mouth sometimes and you drink water to suppress it?

5.    Burning sensation in chest & stomach

6.     Bad smell from mouth: You probably would not have noticed it, but others might have done. Notice!

7.     Colic: Does your stomach pain after your meals for few seconds? Like it happens when you get loose motions?

8.     Headache: You sometimes get headache but you have not strained your eyes or not much brain work, you have slept also but still headache is there. What do you do? Eat a painkiller? Have you ever thought why did your head ache? It’s because of gas…

9.     Bloating: Your abdomen sometimes looks huge and sometimes it’s normal?

10.  Heaviness: You feel heavy in the trunk region; near chest and abdomen?

11. Difficulty in passing stool

12.  White coated tongue: Have you ever noticed while brushing your teeth, that someday you tongue looks whiter someday and normal the other day?

Cause of constipation:

1.   Excessive intake of caffeine: Our life, in India starts with a cup full of sugar and caffeine. Many times it happens when you feel thirsty you buy a chilled coke, or a cold coffee? When you are feeling thirsty, your body is asking for water, just water! In offices, we intake lots of caffeine and very less water. Due to air-conditioned workspaces there is a huge amount of water evaporation from your body, so keep sipping water at workplace! Also, liquor is a big source of caffeine, so keep a control over it. Good intake of water is the most important weapon for fighting constipation.

2.   Heavy & spicy food: The tastier it is, the unhealthier it is! Eat spicy food but keep a strict control over the quantity and frequency.

3.   Lack of fibers in diet: Always prefer roti/chapatti/phulka over breads. The bread that looks so white and tempting has actually been processed so much that it has got no nutrients in it anymore. The intake of fiber is the next most important weapon for combating constipation

4.   Use of antibiotics: Reduce the use of medicines as much as possible. Nature has given our body a natural immune system, let it be active.

5.   Lack of function of intestine:

6.   Pregnancy: It may happen during pregnancy and is quite natural. But it can be avoided by drinking lots of water.

7.   Tumor or polyp:

8     Hernia:

9     Lack of good nerve & muscles function in the bowel

10 Staying awake till late night: Working late night or being awake till late night is not good for your digestive system because it will not get the ease of time to digest the food. Do you feel sleepy after having your main meals? Yes? This is because your body wants to concentrate only on the digestion process and doesn’t want any other work to be done. Eat on time and sleep on time. Take a 7- 8 hours of sleep at a stretch.

11 Weakness of liver:

12  Excessive  intake of liquor and tobacco.

13 Depression: Depression can do worse to your body. Constipation is one of the things depression can give you. Try to have a hobby and spend time for yourself. Keep yourself happy and exercise well to reduce stress levels of your body.

Homoeopathic medicines:

There are more than 2500 medicines in homoeopathy for treating constipation happening due to several reasons. The few most common ones are as below. These are just for awareness and knowledge and are STRICTY NOT recommended without the prescription of a certified homeopathic doctor.
1.     Antim crud: Constipation due to over eating, belching, sensation of nausea or vomiting after eating, burning sensation in stomach & chest, heaviness in stomach, desire for sore things.

2.     Bryonia: Constipation of summer season, bad smell in mouth, hard stool, dryness of mouth, nausea after meals.

3.     Carvo veg: Constipation in old age, gas formation in upper part of the stomach, constipation due to simple food, headache due to constipation.

4.       Lycopodium: Loss of appetite, gas due to fermentable food, cabbage, beans etc, desire for sweet things, great weakness after eating, pressure in stomach, eating ever so little creates fullness, stool hard.

5.       Nux vomica: Constipation due to heavy & spicy food, colic after few minutes/hours of eating, constipation due to intake of liquor or tobacco, difficult belching of gas, wants of vomiting but cannot, ravenous hunger, constipation with frequent ineffectual urging, incomplete & unsatisfactory scanty stool with much urging.

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