Monday, November 25, 2013



                 TASTE AND DISEASE


1)   SWEET FOOD-----Sweet foods increase the power of limbs & supply naurishment for skin & hair.
Over use of sweet foods causes obesity ,loss of appetite ,glandular swelling & tumours.

2)   SOUR FOOD-----Sour food increase appetite& digestive power. These also produce heat & control air elements.
Excessive use of sour food cause emaciation, disease of eyes ,vertigo ,jaundice ,dropsy ,ulcer etc. 

3)   SALTY FOOD-----Salty food increase salivation promote      Relish for food& perspiration.
There excessive use result in baldness ,  greying  of hair,          
 Leprosy , blood poisoning  & loss of strength.

4)   BITTER FOOD-----Bitter food promote appetite, relieve thirst     & help remove the poisons from the blood, nausea ,fever
Hysteria &  burning sensation in the limbs.
Over use of these food produces nervousness , vertigo etc.

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