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In current time approximately 90% jobs are of sitting type / chair jobs. In this situation, individual have to sit continuously 8- 10 hrs per day. However, it is a fact that individual, who are involved in sitting job, should walk for 5 mins in each 1 hr but as we know its not possible in job.
As a result, people of all age groups, who are doing sitting job suffered from such kind of physical problems like –

  • Obesity (Especially fat deposition on stomach / Belly)
  • Pain in waist and neck.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Swelling in legs
  • Depression.

Usually folk think that if we will do exercise or morning walk so we can easily remove this problem but in today’s hectic schedule it is very tough to find time regularly for exercise or morning walk.

Hence frustrated individual thinks what should I do for that?

My main objective is to wrote this article just for the same. How can we solve this problem by homoeopathy?

However they are not disease but problems starts from here and very soon this ordinary problem turns into disease. Here, I have discussed the bad effects of chair jobs and their homoeopathic treatment –

• Obesity –

It is a very common problem found in sitting job people. It is not a disease but it is a root cause of various diseases. Usually Obesity is different in Male and Female because both have different physical structure. If male and female employees works same condition and same time then obesity may be different in both.

• Obesity in Male – Deterioration of body posture, Belly.

• Obesity in Female – Enlargement or fat deposition on waist and hips region, fat deposition on belly.

For male obesity – Medicines are as above mentioned –

Phytolacca Berry , Nux-vomica

For female obesity - Medicines are as above mentioned –

Nat-mur, Antim-crud

• Pain in waist and neck region –

It is most common but most painful symptom found in chair job employees. It appears in the form of some common symptoms like Stiffness of waist and neck due to long sitting, Pain in vertebral column and hip region etc. Its homoeopathic medicines are below mentioned

Rhus-tox ,Hypericum ,Cimicifuga etc.

Digestive Problems –

Because of long sitting mostly digestive problems occurs like stomach swelling, vomiting, sour water in mouth, pain in abdomen , chest burning and commonly constipation or loose motion.
For this we can use such homoeopathic medicines which are miraculous for all digestive problems –

Nux-vomica , Antim-crud , Lycopodium , Capsicum etc.

• Mental Irritation / Depression –

It is very badly occupies the employee. It is not only the problem of sitting job holders but it is commonly found in each 5% individuals. Sometimes today’s life style, hectic work schedule, stress, fear of job security, stress about career etc reasons are also responsible for the causation of Depression.
Some very simple symptoms of depression are as –

  • Irritation / Irritating behavior
  • Anger on each and every thing.
  • Feeling of cry.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Feeling sad, no desire to talk anybody
  • Lack of thirst and hunger.

Besides that common symptoms, most of the time some different symptoms are also found during depression –

Feeling to kill the boss in anger – Hepar sulph

• Tension / Depression due to weak financial condition - Nat-mur

Throw the things when getting anger Staphy

Sleeplessness or broken sleeping - Coffea, Thuja

When depression turns serious then individual feel like to commit suicide hence its some common medicines are as follows –

Chamomila ,Coca , Ars –alb etc.

• Swelling in legs –

Because of long hour sitting not only back pain occur but swelling in legs also find because of blood circulation disturbance. This problem is mostly found in females instead of males. Its homoeopathic medicines are available but first we have to find out the exact reason of leg swelling. Such as –

Pulsatilla ,Lycopodium ,Calc-flor etc.

• NOTE – Kindly do not use any medicine without consultation because all medicines have different potency. Besides this patient’s other symptoms are also important.

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