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Hairs are one of the most important part of human beauty. And nobody wants to make any compromise with hairs. In current scenario, youth are mainly suffered from hair problems like Grey hairs, hair fall, dandruff, thin hairs,baldness, lice etc. All types of hair problems may be caused by various reasons such as – Hormonal imbalance, Shampoo, Hair die, Malnutrition, Pollution,Tension, Depression and so on.


Thyroid gland play vital role in hair problems. It secrets Thyrodenium hormone, less secretion of this hormone is responsible for grey hairs, hair falling and baldness. If we remove the deficiency of that hormone, most of the hair problems can be solve simultaneously.


Hair problem is not exactly a disease but as we know hairs are the most important part of human beauty hence folks are always worried about their hairs. Here we are going to discuss on some major hair problems –


Dandruff is one of the most common hair problem occupied approximately 90% folks. People use many kinds of shampoo and oils for that but this is not the complete and permanent solution of the problem. Lot many times dandruff removal shampoo cause baldness or hair fall problem. Mostly wrong feeding habits play an important role in the causation of dandruff.

  • Dry and falling dandruff –
  • Wet dandruff –
  • Excess of dandruff with etching –
  • White dandruff -

Some homoeopathic medicines for dandruff --

Ars. Alb, Sepia, Thuja, Graphyt, Thuja.


Hair fall is a common phenomenon. During combing, 5-10 hair fall commonly but if this problem turns serious then treatment become essential. Mostly dandruff raises the problem of hair falling. Some other things like Deficiency of Thyroid hormone, Malnutrition, Shampoo, Hair color,Hair die, Tension, Depression, Pollution, Lack of proper care etc.

Types of hair fall -

  • Simple Hair Falling
  • Hair fall of head, eyebrow and reproductive organ
  • Hair fall due to dandruff
  • No new hairs after fall
  • Fall in bunch during combing
  • Hair fall after pregnancy
  • Hair fall due to weak hair roots

Some commonly used homoeopathic medicines for hair falling are above mentioned –

Acid fl, Selen, Acid phos, Thuja, Mezer, Ars Alb, Ustilage, Cal phos.


In recent time, grey hairs is not the symptom of oldage but it became a very common problem. Youngsters are suffered more from this problem. However grey hairs can not turn into black again but with the help of homoeopathic medicines grey hairs falls down after the completion of their age and new hairs comes black.

Grey hairs can be of various types –

  • Grey hairs with hair fall.
  • Grey hairs by old age weakness
  • Grey hairs because of hormonal misbalance.
  • Grey hair in young stage.
  • Grey hair after a long disease.
  • Grey due to hair dye.
  • Grey due to use of shampoo in excess.
  • Grey hairs due to tension or depression.

Its homoeopathic medicines are as follows –

Thyroidinum ,Lycopodium ,Nat-mur,Alumina ,Acid-Phos etc.


In current time,Baldness can be included as a major hair problem. Few years back, baldness occurred only in mature and old age persons but now-a-days young guys are also facing these problem. Mostly 30+ guys are more suffered from baldness.

Baldness is also of different type viz. –

  • Complete baldness
  • Baldness on lateral sides of head.
  • Baldness on the top of the head (Crown).
  • Baldness in patches on head and beards.

Homoeopathic medicines for Baldness –

Lycopodium ,Silicea ,Grapht,Baryta-carb,Ferr-Phos.


Some people have very dry hairs which are very weak and fall easily, while on the other hand some have oily hairs. Oily hairs are also a problem because they (people) use to wash their hairs everyday. Daily washing of hairs may cause weakness in hair roots.

Homoeopathy has sufficient remedies for both problems viz. –

Thuja, Nat- mur.


Usually children are suffered from hair lice. If we don’t care properly, sometimes lice can occupies the hairs of eyebrows too. Lice killer shampoo however removes lice but they are made by hard chemicals and as a result hairs can be damaged. They can loose their shine and softness.

Homoeopathic medicines for hair lice –

Staphy, Psorinum

Besides these all reasons, some other factors like water and air pollution are also responsible for hair damage or hair problems. We can not remove pollution permanently from our surroundings but we can decrease the effect of pollution on hairs with the help of homoeopathic medicines.

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Kindly do not use any medicine without consultation because all medicines have different potencies. Apart from this, patient’s other symptoms are also important.


  1. Hormonal problems may cause hair loss. If your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, your hair may fall out.

  2. The only recommendation I have is that you take the bovine thyroid dosage otherwise the symptoms will keep on returning. I recommend desiccated bovine supplement to anyone suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism.